Original Music by Drew Silverman

03/15/2017 4:20 AM

Local singer/songwriter Drew Silverman has been playing guitar since his mid teens and has been entertaining music fans in the Hampton Roads area ever since. Just like many great performers, Drew has a long list of songs he can pull out at a moment's notice to please just about any type of crowd. While many musicians are perfectly content to play cover songs exclusively, Drew has a collection of originals that each tell a story of their own.

Catch 22

One such original is one of Drew's latest tracks, entitled "Catch 22". This is just one of the many songs Drew has written and is definitely one of my favorites. I spoke to Drew myself just the other day and he told me that we can expect more videos in the weeks/months to come. As soon as that happens we'll make sure to get them up here first before anyone else, but for now, here's "Catch 22" for your listening pleasure.

Check back often for more videos & songs from Drew Silverman. Thank you for supporting the Hampton Roads music scene and Local Music in Virginia!