Introducing the Open Mic Radar

07/31/2017 3:58 PM

One of our newest features is the "Open Mic Radar". The Open Mic Radar is going to start as just a page on the site that only shows Open Mic Events and will quickly evolve to allow push notifications for registered members so they can recieve alerts as soon as an event is on the "radar".

If you've never been to an Open Mic Night, you owe it to yourself to at least try it once. You can practice music behind closed doors in your bedroom, garage, etc but there is no replacement for playing with other musicians. The Open Mic setup is a great way to market yourself and/or your band as well as meet other musicians. Many local bands have been formed and friendships made as a result of musicians met at an Open Mic. Sometimes the venue mangement will book a band or performer based on their performance at an Open Mic.

So far the Open Mic Radar only covers Hampton Roads but we're expanding as fast as possible to the RVA music scene and other cities in Virginia. We have a lot more features to roll out, but in the meantime, put the Open Mic Radar on your radar!