About Virginia Local Music

Virginia Local Music (VLM) has been around in some form since July 2010, starting out as a single Facebook page. While the big Social Media sites are great for networking with fans, when it comes time for people to find out what band is playing where, your music events and band page oftentimes gets buried in the pile with everything else people use Social Media for.

What makes VLM different?

There are tons of different pages on Facebook for sharing music events. There are even a few entertainment and nightlife sites that will list your music events. Some even charge for a listing. Here's where we differ. We're not interested in anything but bands, fans, venues and music events in Virginia. We don't care about the comedy act up the street. We're not interested in the next wine tasting event unless a local musician or band is performing there. Additionally, we're not going to charge local musicians and bands a cent to advertise.